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Have a wonderful summer break!  School begins August 21st.  More information will be shared starting in August!
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Book Appetizers

appetizer |ˈapəˌtīzər | noun
a small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one's appetite.
What is a BOOK appetizer?
Read on to find out...
Welcome to Dapplegray's Buffet of Books!
I like to think of sharing a few pages of a book with you as a book appetizer--a little taste of a story that warms up your appetite for more.
Listening to a piece of a story can help you decide
if you would be interested in reading the rest.
Below, you can click a story and listen to get 'a taste' of it.
If it sounds good, 
be sure to take note of the title and the author of the book.
The next time you are in the library, looking for a book to check out,
you can inquire about these at the front counter.
You can also visit the DG library catalog right here online and see if it is available before you visit!
A little taste of...
"A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning" by Lemony Snicket
A little taste of...
"The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing" by Sheila Turnage
A little taste of...
"Front Desk" by Kelly Yang