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Happy New Year Dapplegray Colts!  Mark your calendar for our upcoming SWEETHEART SOCK HOP on 2/15...details below...

Welcome to Ms. Kidd's 2nd Grade



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Welcome Back!


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Last week in class we studied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all the good that has changed through his influence. We learned advanced vocabulary like, 'segregation' and 'equal rights'. We sketched and colored a portrait of MLK. We even created dreams of our own! 

UPDATE: Our Library day changed to WEDNESDAYS!!!!


Welcome back! I hope everyone is having a nice transition into the academic flow of things. We've had a great week and are ready to take on trimester 2. Thank you to my class for such a lovely and thoughtful holiday gift and thank you to all my students and parents for the extra gifts. I am so appreciative of all of you and feel so lucky to be able to spend my days with my kiddos! Have a great weekend...and I look forward to our week's Hot Topics!!! xx

Homework Extra Credit 1: "My Nature Experience"
-Follow instructions found in the homework Edlio folder. Tip: taking breaks to be outside with nature calms our minds, gives us movement, and stimulates thought...all essential components for children's ability to learn better.
Homework Extra Credit 2: "Beach Clean Up"
-attend a beach clean with Ms. Kidd or conduct one on your own. If you conduct one on your own, please write a summary of your experience and provide a photo. Conversations during the clean ups about what is found are important:
Topic starters
-How is the trash we are finding relating to your natural resources unit from trimester 1?
-What is found most and how do you think it got here? 
-How is it creating harm to the environment?
The Next Beach Clean Up:
-Saturday, January 19 at 9:30-10:30: Rosie's Dog Beach, Long Beach
(free parking code: JR0119) (Corner Bakery cookies, beverages for the volunteers) (trash bags & gloves given...gloves run out quickly, so it's a good idea to bring your own)
IXL is up and running! Log into Portal first: portal@pvpusd.net. Lessons assigned are in the 'homework' section of Edlio.
Daily discussions at home about appropriate in-class behavior is very helpful. Please help the teacher reinforce these successful learning behavior skills:
1. When you have a question, stay at your seat and raise your hand.
2. Do not interrupt the teacher with a story or a question when she is helping another student or when she is speaking to the whole class.
3. Stay at your seat to complete work instead of walking around the room to chat with peers.
4. Wait for the teacher's directions when she is passing out papers or instructing how to do something.
This year we have been working on character lessons. Our lessons include:
   -show respect
   -using a 'focus scope'
   -using self-talk
It would be most helpful if parents could hold mini discussions on our character traits. as well. Thank you so much!!


-Print out your second grader's homework every week
-The homework packet will be uploaded by Monday weekly
-Follow instructions given on the packet cover page
Hot Topic:
-Oral reports are posted for the entire yearn Edlio
-Monthly presentations
-Due dates given in the homework packets
-Suggested practice: an average of about 30-45 minutes per week
-Goal: reach the "Green Light" every time you practice your facts
-Alternative: Flash cards don't require charging & don't ruin eyes
-'Typing Club': an effective and child-friendly online site 
-Used in class used at least once a week
-May be accessed at home, no sign-in required
-Finger placement on the keyboard and eyes to screen accuracy are most important, not speed
-Practice weekly to gain fluency.