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Mark your calendars because Dapplegray will hold its second annual Family Reading Night on March 2, 4-6 PM.
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  • 2:13 Arts Alive Promo

    Arts Alive!
    The closure of our schools in March forced us to re-think learning and living. All of our lives have changed in some way these last two months, but one thing remains – the spirit and strength of our Dapplegray family. Arts Alive is a treasured tradition of Dapplegray Elementary School. In 2007, former Dapplegray parents Kris Skeie, Nancy Shafer, and Jane Calvert wanted to expose their children to the thrill of the arts while they were young, curious, and adventurous. They created the “Arts Alive and Writer’s Workshop” for third through fifth graders and a small Art Walk with six to eight creative people performing as the students passed by. Today, Arts Alive has grown into a full-day program bringing over 40 artist presenters to campus who teach students a variety of arts, including visual arts, dramatic arts, martial arts, culinary arts, photography, videography, dance, yoga, writing, music, screen writing, fashion design, graphic design, and storytelling. Arts Alive still includes an Art Walk with 15 to 20 creative people performing and talking with students about their talents. This year, Arts Alive looks and feels a little different, but the Dapplegray PTA and Booster Club are very proud and honored to bring you the first ever Virtual Arts Alive! We are deeply grateful to the artists who are donating their time to bring the ARTS ALIVE to our students from home on
    May 15, 2020. Enjoy the day and stay healthy and safe! And remember, together or apart, we are all Colts at heart!

    Arts Alive 2020 Program:

    Uploaded May 11, 2020