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Mark your calendars because Dapplegray will hold its second annual Family Reading Night on March 2, 4-6 PM.

Volunteer Protocols 22-23

Step 1: Determine which volunteer category best describes the volunteer work you will do


Category A - Special Events

Category A volunteers are people who might do volunteer work on site, but have very little exposure to students or people who volunteer for a specific event, such as a Fun-Run or school festival. These volunteers will have little to no direct contact with students and are never unsupervised in their interactions with students. Category A volunteers will also have to provide identification when arriving at a school site. The identification will be run through our school safety software, Raptor.


Category B- Field trips, tutoring, reading groups, and parent led art classes, etc.

Category B volunteers are people such as room parents, volunteers who work with children in the classroom (reading groups, tutoring, Art at Your Fingertips etc.) and parents who plan to accompany children on field trips. While these volunteers still will not have unsupervised contact with children, their exposure to students is more extensive than Category A.


Category C- Overnight travel

Category C volunteers are people that will be supervising overnight travel. These volunteers may have unsupervised contact with children, their exposure to students is more extensive than Category A. 


All volunteers (Categories A-B-C) must provide the documentation listed under Steps 2-5:


Step 2:  Valid form of identification 

You are required to provide a copy of a valid Driver’s License, Identification Card and/or Passport.


Step 3:  TB Risk Assessment

A TB Risk Assessment is required prior to volunteering. Provide a copy of your Certificate of Completion Tuberculosis Risk Assessment with your application. If applicable, TB results must show date given, date read, results and name of medical facility. TB test assessment/results are good for four years and although you are required to fill out an application annually, you do not need to be retested if your TB assessment/test is current.


California School Employee Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire for pre-K, K-12 schools and community college employees, volunteers and contractors) (ctca.org)



Step 4:  California Megan's Law database check

Complete a California Sex Offender name search using your full legal name. To complete your search, click on the California Megan's Law link: https://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/ ,take a screenshot of the search and submit it with your application.


Step 5:  COVID Vaccination Record

If you are vaccinated, please provide a copy of your COVID Vaccination Record (front & back).

If you are unvaccinated, please answer n/a on the application.


In addition to the above documentation, Category B & C volunteers must complete Step 6.


Step 6:  Complete a Live Scan background check

At the expense of the applicant, complete a background check using Live Scan. To find a State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) approved facility, use this link: Live Scan Locations


Request for Live Scan Service Application


Step 7: To complete the Volunteer Application, please select your school link below.

Even if you have a volunteer application on file with the school, you will need to fill out a new application so you can be processed under the new screening requirements. The new policy is that volunteers will have to apply annually. You must be sponsored by a district employee. In the case of room parents, this will be the teacher for whom you are room parenting. For volunteers helping in the office, this will be one of the office staff. For sporting events, this will be one of the coaches and/or school designees.