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Online Physical Education (PE) will be done Monday (K-2) and Thursday (3-5).

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Watch and participate in the Fun Fitness Videos if you have the chance. 
Go Noodle => Additional Videos for Fitness, Dancing, or Learning
For any questions or concerns, feel free to email [email protected]


New Exercises

30 seconds each ABS: Side Planks, Leg holds, Scissor Kicks, Bicycles ARMS: Sitting Dips Legs: Side Lunges, Single Leg Jumps Cardio: Star Jumps Full Body: Planks into Mountain Climbers to Push-ups into Squat Jump


5-minute Yoga Workout Yoga: an exercise that helps control breathing, and improves balance, strength, and flexibility

Fitness Tests / Personal Best

Grades 3-5 Fitness and Flexibility Tests for scores and times Broad Jump (How far) Vertical Jump (How high) Jump Rope Wall Sits Planks Push-ups Curl-ups Sprint (40 yards) Shoulder Stretch Sit and Reach Standing Toe Touches Trunk Lift

PE Charades

Quick warm-up and stretches with Ms. Karen Then guess the exercise that Ms. Karen is doing

Sports Video

Basketball: Dribbling, passing, shooting -Games: Relay Race, Practice, HORSE, Poison, Around the World, Knock-out Football: Passing/Throwing, Catching -Games: Catch, Running Routes on a moving target, monkey in the middle Baseball: Pitching, Fielding, Hitting/Swinging -Games: Practice positions, Home-run Derby Soccer: Dribbling, Passing, Stopping, Shooting, Goalie Blocking -Games: Relay Race, Keep Away, Penalty Kicks Volleyball: Bumping, Setting, Serving, Spiking -Games: Practice passes, Beachball, Prisoner

Obstacle Course

Can be played by yourself or with a group Create your own or use mine and time yourself Set up exercises and obstacles 10 reps at each station Example: Hopscotch, Stairs (or lap), triangle raises, wall sits, push-ups, leg raises, planks, heismans, curl-ups, jog in place

First Name Last Name Workout

Spell out your name and perform the exercises using the First Name Last Name Workout Document K-2: 5 reps 3-5: 10 or more reps

Relay Race

Individual practice or with a group Relay Race helps with locomotor movements, cardio, agility and endurance Speedwalk, skip, jog, gallop, side shuffle, karaoke, hop, jump, leap, back pedal, sprint, high knees, high knees sideways, butt kickers, in and out shuffle with ladders, icky shuffle with ladders

Deck of Cards Fitness

Can be played by yourself, but preferably with a partner or group Pull a card from the deck and perform the exercise Ace = 1 and J, K, K = 10 Hearts = Jumping Jacks Spade = Push-ups Diamond = Sit-ups Club = Squats Continue until the deck of cards is gone

Circuit Training

8 stations: 30 seconds each (Two times around) Mountain Climbers Russian Twists Push-ups Wall Sits Curl-ups Squat Jumps Lunges Planks

Dice Game

Roll the Dice and see how many exercises you need to do. Option 1: Add up the total number of dice with what grade you are in. Example: 3 dice for 3rd grade. Option 2: Multiply one dice roll by your grade number. Example: one dice roll multiplied by 4 for 4th grade. 1. High Knees 2. Jumping Jacks 3. V-sit-ups 4. Push-ups 5. Jump Rope 6. Scissors 7. Curl-ups 8. Criss-Cross 9. Triangle Raises 10. Squats