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Technology support can be found under " Dapplegray Tech Page "....direct link below.  #coltscare

Dapplegray Technology

Dapplegray Tech Help
If you need assistance with technology or have any technology questions, please fill out the Parent/Student Tech Help form, found on the Dapplegray homepage or contact the Dapplegray Tech Aide, Kathleen Davis, at davisk@pvpusd.net
  • Google Classroom works best on the Chrome browser. Firefox and Edge do work just not as well. Google Classroom DOES NOT run on the Safari browser (Mac/iOS).
  • Log in through the portal
  • Click on your class or enter the class code your teacher gave you
I-READY: Please look at the technical requirements for iReady and make sure the computer you are using has these system requirements:
  • Firefox 60 or higher
  • Safari 11.1 or higher
  • Chrome 67 or higher
  • Edge 17 or latest
  • Note that Internet Explorer is not supported by iReady
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Pop-up must be allowed 
  • Zoom does not work in Safari. Please see more information HERE
  • Remember that students are joining their teacher's sessions as Guests and do not have a login or account on Zoom. Settings are not saved and will need to be reset each session.
  • Zoom's default microphone and speaker volume is set at 50%. If you cannot hear your teacher, make sure the setting is higher.
  • If you can't hear your teacher or your teacher cannot hear you during a session, click on the Audio Caret in the bottom left of your screen and click on Audio Settings. Make sure the Zoom is using the correct microphone/speaker. You can even try disabling it and rejoining your audio. This will reset it and usually works.
  • If you are using a headset with a microphone, make sure Zoom isn't trying to use the Chromebook microphone. This will be found in the Audio Settings.
  • In the Audio Menu at the bottom left of your screen you can also check your microphone to make sure it's picking up your voice. 
  • You can find more information on Zoom audio issues HERE.
  • Chromebooks are not set up for wireless printing at home. If you need to print, you will need to plug in your printer to the chromebook with a printer cable.
  • If your sounds is having issues, make sure the correct speaker/mic is chosen in the settings. Also, make sure bluetooth is off if you are not using bluetooth headphones or that it is using the correct bluetooth device for sound.
  • Ctrl+Shift+N on a chromebook and chrome will open a "new incognito window".
  • On your chromebook make sure your microphone has access to the website you are using. You can find this when the browser is open, in the 3-dot menu at the top right of the screen under SETTINGS. Search for Microphone and click on Site Settings, scroll down to Microphone. Make sure there are no blocked sites and make sure the Ask before accessing button is on.
Students & Parents, Please access all software through the Portal. Logins are synced through Areries and the Portal. Access directly through the software website will not work. The only exceptions are Raz-Kids and Reading Eggs.
portal Aeries logo Aeries
Student and Staff Single Sign-on Portal Aeries Parent/Student Portal Link
Aeries Teacher Portal Link
Reading Eggs logo Raz Kids Logo AR
Reading Eggs & Mathseeds
for TK
Please get login information
from your teacher
Students will need their teacher user name to access Raz-Kids. Please contact technology support or your teacher for the teacher's user name.
AR/Renaissance PVPUSD ID:
Please access AR through your Portal. Use the above ID# if asked.
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Chrome login
Chromebook update  Wifi
Google Classroom Clipart mic or zoom